The scary truth about energy drinks

Energy drinks have seen a rise in popularity over the past decade. In fact, we are now consuming more than double the amount we were 10 years ago. In fact, around a quarter of beverages sold in Australian convenience stores today are energy drinks.


What’s troubling about this statistic is that energy drinks are incredibly bad for your health, with high levels of caffeine (up to 200mg per serve). Since most brands are aimed at younger people, it is not uncommon for them to consume multiple drinks in a short space of time. This can lead to:

  • insomnia
  • nervousness
  • vomiting
  • headaches
  • heart palpitations
  • rapid heart rate
  • and in some cases heart attack, and death!

In 2014, a 35 year old Perth man suffered a massive heart attack and died, from drinking 4 cans of Mother a day. Read story

Energy drinks can also contain up to 20 teaspoons of sugar per serve, which is more than Coke! High intake of sugar leads to:

  • weight gain
  • increased risk of diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • kidney disease
  • cognitive decline
  • cavities
  • and a range of other health issues

Even one energy drink a week is enough to cause health problems, and this is reason enough to eliminate them from your diet…totally!

But what if I really need an energy lift?

There’s no doubt that life in general – and modern life in particular, places incredible demands on our individual resources. Let’s face it, life can be exhausting!

When it comes time for an energy boost, it’s most likely the best solution isn’t a “pick me up” that is full of synthetic ingredients and refined sugar, that gives you a quick buzz then causes you to crash.

However there IS a natural and enduring way to get more energy. Modere’s Energy Shot has only natural ingredients, with none of the nasties! One 90ml bottle a day:

  • promotes a natural energy boost
  • promotes alertness and concentration
  • delays fatigue
  • naturally stimulating
  • revitalises mind and body
  • helps you meet mental and physical challenges


It contains natural caffeine from Guarana and Green Tea, acai berries and B1 vitamins, and a range of other fruit extracts with NO artificial colours or other dodgy ingredients!! They are the perfect replacement for mainstream energy drinks or coffee.

Other natural ways to boost your energy levels

  • Stay hydrated – regularly drink filtered alkaline water
  • Consume protein with every meal (snack on nuts and low GI fruit)
  • When working, get up every half hour for fresh air and stretch your legs