Sports Enhancement

Being a good athlete isn’t just about training hard. It’s also about optimising your body. At any age, your body requires adequate nutrients to function at its best. Being deficient can affect you before, during and after performances, by way of fatigue, soreness and general energy levels.

By following the Health Helper Fitness regime, you give your body all the real building blocks it needs to be a high performance machine. This includes:

  • removing toxins from your environment
  • consuming well-selected, largely unrefined food
  • supplementing mineral deficiencies

Ensuring the foundations of a healthy system are laid will go a long way in improving your sports performance.


Mōdere products are used and recommended for you by elite level athletes such as ex-NBL basketball players Blair Smith and Derek Rucker,  Australian kayaker Glenn Rypp, professional bodyboarder Glen Thurston and many more…

The following is a short list of the Modere personal favourites of these Champion Athletes.

Natural Mineral Drink – colloidal mineral to increase intake of healthy trace elements, improving well being and energy. Glynn Rypp is know at the AIS as the man that drinks muddy water.
Antioxidant  –  powerful antioxidant formulation with anti-inflammatory properties to eliminate free radicals that may reduce recovery time and prevent “day after” muscle soreness.
Energy Shot – super fruit energy drinks may be small, but they pack a big punch providing a natural boost without all the nasties.
Green Qi – potent source of green, red & yellow super foods in a powdered form to boost you up if you’re not getting enough fruit and vegetables.
Protein Bar – low carb, high protein chocolate fudge snack bars for a light meal on the go that’s good for you.
Protein Shake – pea protein powder that helps preserve lean muscle mass and assists weight management. May be used as a pre exercise boost or a post exercise recovery drink.


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Avoid sickness

People assume sickness is just something that can’t be avoided, but it can! When you’re sick, it affects your ability to train or compete which really hurts your performance. Using the Natural Mineral Drink, Green Qi and other Modere products, many athletes have not been sick once, some for more than 2 years!

Hit Your Peak: 10 Tips For Maximum Athletic Performance

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
2. Avoid simple sugars!
3. Extended periods of exercise requires protein
4. Use Pea not soy or whey protein during exercise
5. Use liquid fuels as your main energy source during training and games.
6. Replenish your body with protein and carbohydrates as soon as possible after each exercise session.
7. Get quality sleep & enough of it.
8. Consume appropriate amounts of high quality food
9. Periodise Your Training.
10. Take Rest Days.