Natural Cleaning Products

It is widely assumed that cleaning products must go through rigorous safety testing before making their way onto our supermarket shelves, but unfortunately this is not the case. Natural cleaning products are few and far between!

We were shocked the first time we found out just what goes into many items we use every day!

Many mainstream cleaning products contain potentially harmful chemicals such as:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • Propylene Glycol

Sodium Lauryl Suphate (SLS) is a known carcinogen and can also cause depression, eye damage and a range of other health problems. Yet the majority of us assume because we are buying well known brands that they must be safe, and unknowingly wash our clothes, our bodies and our dishes with products containing these toxic chemicals!

Switching to natural cleaning products free of questionable ingredients should be a priority for anyone who cares about their health. Sourcing safety-conscious home and personal care products will significantly reduce your toxic exposure around the house.

Environmentally friendly Cleaning Products

You may have noticed in the supermarket there are an endless supply of cleaning products, and the marketers want you to think you need every last one of them!


That is why environmentally cleaning products are so much better. You can clean with a LOT less products because they can be used across multiple surfaces and conditions. Many mainstream brands have harsh chemicals which will damage some surface types…so imagine what they can do to your body!

Here’s a list of typical cleaning products around the house, problems with many common ones, and our recommended environmentally friendly and natural options.

Dishwashing Detergent

Why many are bad:
Chlorine, aside from its use in swimming pools, is often used in dishwashing detergent. When chlorine mixes with organic molecules in the water, chloroform is formed and small doses can be inhaled via the steam rising. Other chemicals which may be present in mainstream brands are used as foaming agents or “fresh scents” which are bad for your health and the environment.

What we recommend:
Modere Dish Wash

natural dishwash cleaning products picHighly concentrated yet gentle on even the most sensitive of skin, this powerful pH neutral formulation cuts through the toughest grease and grime to leave your dishes clean every time. It contains biodegradable plant-derived surfactants that lift food particles from dishes and suspend grease and oil in water to leave both your dishes and your sink sparkling clean.

It is also great for cleaning appliances in the kitchen. Add a little Modere Dish Wash to a damp cloth or sponge, wipe over the surface area of the appliance, and let air dry. Using a separate damp cloth or sponge, remove any residue and let air dry again.

Laundry Powder

Why many are bad:
Most of the chemicals found in washing powders haven’t been tested for their long term effects on humans. The reason? They’re not indigestibles. Potentially harmful ingredients in laundry products enter the body primarily through inhalation or through the skin’s contact with residue left on your clothing, towels, sheets and other washables. This can result in irritations and allergic reactions.

What we recommend:
Modere Laundry Powder

natural washing powder cleaning productsThe ‘Rolls Royce’ of washing powders, it is formulated especially for the Australian market with SPF sun protection to reduce fading and keep your clothes looking great for longer. It uses gentle and effective cleansing agents that rinse free and are suitable for use with baby’s clothes and those with sensitive skin. Suitable for both front and top loading machines. This laundry powder is also excellent for cleaning toilets. Simply put in the toilet bowl (instead of mainstream toilet cleaner) and let it sit for a while, then clean and flush.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Why many are bad:
‘Corrosive, may produce severe burns. Attacks skin and eyes. Ensure adequate ventilation. May cause respiratory problems.’ A typical label warning!!

What we recommend:
Modere Multi-Purpose Sanitizer

modere-multip-purpose-picA cleaning and deodorising agent, this natural product is perfect for bench surfaces, floors, walls and toilets. Because there’s no harmful chemicals, not only is it better for you (no dodgy fumes to inhale or nasties on your skin) but it also means it works on multiple surface types without damaging them! Despite its power, it’s gentle enough to use to clean children’s toys, bottles and dummies.

This product is awesome and should be in EVERY household. For surfaces, add 10mL of Modere Multi-Purpose Sanitizer to a spray bottle and fill with water. Spray on surfaces and wipe with a sponge or cloth and let surfaces air dry. For floors, add to a bucket with 2L of water.

Shower gel

Why many are bad:
Most commercial bar soaps and shower gels on the market today either use tallow or these 3 components: triclosan, sodium lauryl sulphate and fragrance. Most soaps with tallow will leave a thin film on your skin to help your body smell nice, but causes more harm than good!

What we recommend:
Modere Shower gel

modere-shower-gel-picModere Shower Gel is a mild, luxurious foaming SLS free formula that is gentle enough to be used on all skin types. Its soap-free, gentle cleansing action cleans and softens skin as it removes dead skin cells. It doesn’t leave any residue and imparts a fresh tangerine aroma.

Like all Modere natural cleaning products, they are highly concentrated which means you only need to use a tiny bit each wash. So invest in a good loofah and give your body a healthy clean!

So where do I find all these non toxic cleaning products?

Good news, they are all from the one company, Modere.

Find out more here, and as a visitor of Health Helper you will get $10 off your first order

The above recommended products are not only free of potentially harmful chemicals but are also environmentally friendly, leaving a lighter eco foot print, aren’t tested on animals, and are highly effective!