My Story

Who Am I

My name is Elliot and I’m a healthaholic. Actually that’s not true. I make my share of indulgent choices when it comes to eating, drinking and living life in general. But I AM very passionate about taking care of my health, and finding a balance that let’s me enjoy myself while still giving my body the environment it needs to flourish.

I majored in science at university, played basketball professionally and built a successful web design and online marketing business. Now I’m combining all of these to bring you Health Helper.

Why Am I Doing This

People are living longer than ever before but at the same time we are growing increasingly unhealthy. Obesity and chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease continue to rise at alarming rates. I am the first to admit I cannot stand businesses that profit from making us unhealthy, and unfortunately there are so many of them!

Fast food chains, cigarette companies, and one which may surprise many of you, personal care and cleaning product manufacturers.  We all know the health risks associated with junk food and cigarettes, but most people are unaware that many mainstream products we use around our house every day contain questionable ingredients that can be very harmful to our health! My aim is to help educate more people, and give them the chance to choose safer alternatives that are better for their well being!

How Did I Get Started

I used to get sick all the time and back in 2013  my friend Blair got me to try a colloidal mineral. It significantly helped my energy levels and immunity, to the point where I have now not been sick in 3 years.

At the same time, I also saw a video called Unacceptable Levels (view that here) which opened my eyes to the extent which harmful toxins are lurking inside a regular home. I immediately switched my whole house to safety-conscious products free of harmful ingredients.

I became very passionate to spread the word and used my science background and experience in the web development industry to setup this site which is continually growing.

My Mission

To educate others and help in the goal of creating 10 million health homes, and leave a legacy that improves the health of people and of the planet.

If you’d like to switch your home to safety conscious products, visit Modere, and you can find out all about their vision and their great products.  If you’d like to contribute to Health Helper or have any specific questions, please contact me. I’d love to hear from you!