How To Improve Digestion

If you’re looking to improve your health, then improving your digestion is a very good place to begin. Issues relating to the stomach have increased dramatically in recent decades, especially in western countries. More and more people are reporting cases of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Luckily, with some basic changes, you can have a radical effect on your health as a whole.

Tips on how to improve digestion:

1. Chew your food slowly

With our busy 21st century lifestyles we are constantly rushing, and this is no exception when it comes to eating. But for good digestion, you need to eat slowly and chew your food well. Taking your time between bites is also important – it gives your digestive system a chance to catch up!

2. Control portion size

Aussies love food, but we need to avoid excess! Don’t have leftovers for the sake of it, and don’t finish your meal just because it’s there! If you practice tip 1, you will feel full 20 minutes after you start eating, which will help you not to over induldge! And if you don’t have room for dessert…don’t eat it!


3. Drink plenty of water

Healthy and free, and full of benefits! Always make sure you’re getting enough, and look to consume a big glass 20 minutes before each meal.


4. Avoid processed foods

One of the worst things for digestive health is processed foods. You should always look to consume fresh and healthy produce, which is what your body is designed for. If something has enough preservatives to live on a shelf for 6 months, it should stay there!


5. Have dinner early

Eating your last meal of the day at least 3 hours before going to bed is highly recommended. You should also make lunch your biggest meal of the day and reduce portion size at dinner. Sleep is very important for replenishing your whole body and making your body work hard digesting food through the night can impact on your overall functioning.


6. Reduce your alcohol intake

Statistics from the ABS show that nearly 20% of deaths from digestive diseases are alcohol related. So it makes sense to reduce your alcohol intake, and when you do booze, stay away from carbonated drinks (including champagne) which can wreack havoc on your tummy.

7. Drink ginger tea

Drinking ginger tea throughout the day can have a very positive impact on digestion. Ginger relaxes the intesinal muscles and can reduce cramping and gas, and can also stimulate bile, saliva and gastric enzymes to help digest the food.


Digestive enzyme supplements

D-Zyme, New Vera, Green Qi, Noni, Transfactor, Lacto-Flora

More information on these coming soon.