Healthy Teeth

Everyone wants to have healthy teeth but many people neglect looking after them!

We might clean our teeth regularly, but are we using a safety conscious toothpaste?

We might floss, but are we doing it effectively and often enough?

We might use a mouthwash after cleaning but is it doing more harm than good?

If we brush regularly with a good quality toothbrush and toothpaste, floss properly (we use Piwiks which is so much easier) and rinse with a natural mouthwash, then you are 2/3 of the way to healthy teeth! Throw in a diet low in sugar and high in vegetables and you’re almost there!

But there’s one other important factor

An often overlooked culprit in causing tooth decay is a lack of minerals in your diet (especially calcium, magnesium and phosphorus). Ensuring a high intake of nutrient-rich food and supplementation is very important in minimising issues with your teeth.

What we recommend: Natural Mineral Drink

This colloidal mineral is a super effective way to increase your nutrition and help re-strengthen your teeth. Contains a large variety of trace elements and minerals that the body can’t naturally produce. We have witnessed people who have reduced cavities by adding 10ml of natural mineral drink to a glass of water every morning and night. And it has a range of other benefits including increased immunity and higher energy levels.


Another great product to help re-mineralise your teeth is Calcium Chewable. It contains plant sourced calcium along with magnesium and vitamin D. Really helpful for bone nutrition and is the perfect non-dairy form of calcium.

What causes tooth decay?

There are 2 major causes of tooth decay – bacteria and food.

Plaque (which is the sticky substance that forms on your teeth) contains bacteria that feed on the sugars found in the food you eat. When the bacteria feeds on the sugars, they make acids. These acids attack the teeth, destroying the tooth enamel and leading to decay. So this attack is at it’s worst in the first 20 minutes after eating.

How do I prevent tooth decay?

Cleaning your teeth (with a natural toothpaste), flossing (correctly) and using a mouthwash (alcohol free) immediately after eating food can go a long way in keeping your teeth healthy and reducing the chances of tooth decay!

Other factors include:

  • avoid smoking
  • cut back on foods high in sugar
  • ensure plentiful saliva (eating fibrous foods and using mouthwash will help this)

And as we’ve mentioned above, taking a colloidal mineral solution will help re-mineralise your teeth and can even prevent you from needing fillings. I know this first hand!!

happy health teeth