Healthy Gift Ideas For Christmas

It’s that time of year again, the weather is warming up, businesses are winding down, and now we have to work out what the hell to buy our loved ones this festive season!

Don’t stress, Health Helper is here to help you out with a range of healthy gift ideas for Christmas. And if you DO stress out, there is even an aromatherapy pack which you might consider buying for yourself!

You can order all the below items online and get them delivered directly to your door. Why spend hours trying to find a car park at your local shopping centre and battling crazy crowds?

Healthy Gift Ideas

Christmas Hair Care Collection

A stylish safety conscious gift pack containing natural shampoo, conditioner and antioxidant hair serum. Comes with a free toiletries bag! **Pack no longer available, can still buy the individual items from here

A Box of Natural Energy Shots

If your family member drinks a lot of Red Bull or other energy drinks, they might be receiving diabetes for Xmas! But you can help them out with a natural energy shot containing Green Tea, Guarana, Acai Berry, vitamin B and other fruit extracts…without all the nasties found in mainstream energy drinks! Gives you a huge boost throughout the festive season and beyond! Buy from here


Christmas Skin Care Collection

Skin care is a popular Christmas gift, but many of the products you’ll find in shops contain harmful ingredients that contribute to a range of health issues. Luckily this skin care pack contains high quality safe products that are super effective and makes the skin look and feel great! **Pack no longer available, can still buy the individual items from here


Christmas Aromatherapy Collection

Aromatherapy reduces stress, fights depression, manages pain and improves blood pressure. After dealing with your extended family for 8 hours straight, the recipient of this gift will be ever thankful! The pack contains Stress and Travel Essential Oil Blends plus a stylish electric burner. **Pack no longer available, can still buy the individual items from here


365 Days of Wholeness book

Uncover the secrets to living a more energetic & healthy lifestyle by following this easy-to-read guide that will provide you with all the tools necessary to acquire optimum health for yourself and your loved ones. The duo of Matt Bate and Tegan Steele have made it their goal to clarify the myths and mixed messages reported by the media and to teach you how to take back control of your life. Buy from here


Stocking Stuffers

Sunscreen SPF 50+ Lightweight but powerful to leave skin soft, smooth, and protected from UV-A and UV-B rays.

Lip Balm with SPF 15 This gentle formula makes for a soft, comfortable shield between your lips and the elements.

Body Butter Smooth move. This ultra-thick and luxurious cream will moisturise even your roughest

Muscle Rub Sore muscles? Menthol, willow bark, capsicum, peppermint and arnica enhance the benefits of massage and promote recovery.

Body Bar A proprietary blend of olive oil, murumuru seed, and green tea nourishes and hydrates as it cleanses.

Bubble Bath This soothing Bubble Bath is the perfect way to unwind. Combining hops, meadowsweet, and matricaria extracts, it offers pure relaxation after a long day.


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