Dr Dingle Victorian Gut Health Tour

Dr Peter Dingle is performing a series of talks on gut health in Victoria over the next few weeks.

Nobody knows health and wellness like Dr Dingle, Australia’s most engaging and innovative thought leader on the topics of health, wellness and the environment. He is an acclaimed researcher, educator, communicator and author.

Celebrating the release of 3 new books on Gut health and chronic illness, “Gut Secrets. A blueprint to your microbiome and your health”, “Ready, Set Gut Health” and “Overcoming Illness”.

In this presentation Dr Dingle will skillfully show you everything you need to know about healthy digestion, your gut microbiome and what you need to know it to improve your health.

In this presentation you will find out about:

  • the Gut Health Link
  • the Gut Brain Axis
  • The gut liver and diabetes
  • What causes gut problems and how to overcome them
  • Foods that poison the gut
  • Toxic chemicals and the gut
  • Protect and build a healthy gut
  • The role of stress and lifestyle in gut health
  • How to reverse illness

Gut Health and Gut Healing Tour Dates

Bulleen, 25th July 2018
Shepparton, 26th July 2018
Albury, 27th July 2018
Bendigo, 30th July 2018
Colac, 31st July 2018
Warrnambool, 1st August 2018
Ballarat, 6th August 2018
Geelong, 7th August 2018
Morwell, 8th August 2018
Frankston, 9th August 2018

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For more information on gut health click here.